Seller: Andrea McGee
State: New York
City: Port Jervis
Zip code: 12771
Type: Pets

I have had a cat my whole life and my girls were raised with cats but both my kids are now in college and I'm finally getting remarried after 8 years. The problem is he can't live with cats. These two were saved from animal shelters. Both have all their shots and older one is fixed but I'm willing to pay for younger one to be taken care of....just haven't had time or money being a single mom. Pookie is a 5 year old calico, very sweet and loving and treats her sister like she's the mom. Baghera (Baggy) is a black and white with fur like velvet and never seems to gain weight..still looks like a kitten at 3 years old. They get along with anybody but hide with new people. Takes them time to get used to you, but will wake you with a meow and a kiss! They have both been indoor cats their whole lives and have survived with laughing capabilities when we brought a chihuahua in the house smaller than both of them!  If you have love for cats at all...these two will give you a smile every day you walk in the door and they meow to welcome you home and purr sweetly when you pet them back. Please call if you need a loving, great friend. I got you covered :)